Tuesday, June 20, 2006

About us:

my name is cristobal rojas I like football and conmputer room my name is patricia gabler I like music.... we are in a beautifull school, this is "Colegio Puelche"; the school is very welcoming and is very somall.

About my country:

We go it has to speak of our country : chile , this country is very beautifull because has pretty landscapes and great diversity of climates what is attraction for the people. The part more visited of Chile is the south. Its capital is Santiago , Viña Del Mar is a nice city and they known by its festival....

to be continued

copihue is the national flower of Chile by means of this photo your you can see as it is.

also you can see a photo of the national clothes the “huasos”......

Fiesta Huasa is a celebration of Chilean traditions and folklore. Huasos are Chilean cowboysand have a very distinctive costume. This celebration is organized by the support staff and teacher's unions and supported by the Administration. The day starts with a traditional "Desfile de Huasos"or Huaso Parade which culminates in the singing of the Chilean National Anthem, and a very typical "Saludo de Chicha en Cacho" which involves a ritual drinking of chicha from a bull horn for our school authorities. The festivities include several horse back competitions including barrel races, horseback musical chairs, as well as events for the public which include climbing a greased pole,sack races, and cueca competitions. There are folklore groups throughout the day to provide entertainment, and the unions sell traditional Chilean foods such as empanadas, anticucuchos and choripanes.

this celebration is the 18 of September....

the end